Flight Squad needs to be in every school! We want more of Flight Squad!

Flight Squad needs to be in every school! We…

You know what they say about “Best kept secrets?” Well, we’re very glad that our PTA discovered this one! Flight Squad coming to our school was such an amazing experience for all of our kids and the grown-ups alike. The players’ stories and messages about being positive, having confidence, never giving up, having mental toughness, and against all types of bullying fell right into line with our building focus. We want our kids to be prepared for college, careers, the world of work, and successful living! We also want every person in our school community to not only feel respected by others, but to also show respect for others. The message that Flight Squad brought to us was exactly what we needed. Oh yeah, and it was totally exciting, entertaining, interactive and funny! Staff members, students and visitors who were fortunate enough to be in the building that day talked about Flight for the remainder of the school day. Throughout both assemblies, we saw the kids’ faces light up with excitement and heard their screams and cheering at times, and then at other times we saw deep thinking. Staff members shared throughout the day how grateful they were for this experience and how the players seemed to pick just the right students to participate as volunteers…the ones who really needed it! A visiting teacher was absolutely ecstatic to be in our building for this assembly and agreed that Flight Squad needs to be in every school! We want more of Flight Squad!”

Doron Lowe