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        Because a FLIGHT SQUAD basketball game is the perfect, unconventional fundraising event for corporations, non-profits, communities and schools. Your organization will profit from keeping ticket sales, concession sales and sponsorships. FLIGHT SQUAD represents diversity. Our team boasts both male and female players from all different backgrounds from all corners of the country. Through their example of disciple, self-confidence and, teamwork, they are role models for younger audiences.

        A FLIGHT SQUAD game gives members in the community who may not have the resources or accessibility to attend an NBA game the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon or evening of a pro-level basketball game. We know that many people in different organizations and throughout the community have good (and not so good) basketball skills. Our games provide a great opportunity for them to test and show off their skills against our players. This event serves as a great recruiting tool to get people young and old involved in their community and your organization.

        Finally, our superior customer service and attention to detail will insure your organization will enjoy your flying experience with us.